Surplus Property Software
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Pickups, Deliveries and Receiving with tablets and smartphones

Version 2.0 of the Surplus Property Management System is Underway

Together with our new development team, we are beginning the lengthy process of creating a version 2.0 of the surplus system you have been using over the past several years – some of you for nearly 10 years!

This new version will be written with the latest, secure technologies - HTML5, JSon and jQuery, and will “talk” to your existing database, so all your data will remain as it is. Version 2.0 screens will have the same screen layouts and processes you have been using since the launch of your system, so it will be immediately familiar to you and all your users.

As a first step we have developed a new, faster, more convenient and efficient approach to Pickups, Deliveries and Receiving. It replaces the paper manifests and scanner devices by having all those processes present in a mobile application, including the department signature and the ability to take and upload images directly for your phone or tablet during the pickup process.

So please take a look at the screenshots and video and let us know if you wish to purchase this first module of the new 2.0 system. The sooner we receive your order, the sooner you can be saving more time and money every day. Please call for pricing.

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