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SURPLUS PROPERTY SOFTWARE combines all the best practices of surplus property disposal management in one easy-to-use, industry-standard program.

The web-based Surplus Property Software management application has been continuously improved through our consultations with over 780 U.S. institutions that dispose of surplus property.

Originally developed for universities and education institutions such as colleges, schools, and school districts, the application is also available to surplus operations run by state, county and local government entities including municipalities.

The application not only provides a full audit trail of asset recovery and surplus property disposals, but is also proven to significantly save time and money in the process through automation and workflow management.

In addition, real-time online auction features increase market presence and sales, creating a vital new part of an institution’s revenue.

University of Arizona
Oregon State University
Arizona State University
Ohio State University
University of Nevada
at Las Vegas
Northern Arizona University
Cook County, Illinois
State of Utah
University of Idaho
University of Colorado
at Boulder
University of Connecticut
Duke University
University of North Carolina Wilmington
University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill
State of Kentucky
University of Akron
Oregon Health and Science University
State of Minnesota
Kansas Department of Transportation
University of California
San Francisco
Utah State University
University of Idaho
State of Oregon
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Eastern Carolina University
University of Missouri
University of Alabama Birmingham
State of New York - Federal
State of Missouri